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10 Things for my 2011 Journal

I need a journal for 2011 to keep a daily log of:

1. the things that give me joy and happiness
2. something I learned during the day
3. the person I meet/know/get re-connected with
4. verses of the bible that I read
5. birthday and other special days of family and friends
6. my spending
7. my eating
8. distance I walk or jog
9. nice things I say/hear/do
10.not-so-nice things I say/hear/do


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Things I Have Done and Would Like to Do Again

Things I have done but would like to do again

1. Hike to a waterfall – did thrice already, but it would be good to do it again in 2011, or before 2010 ends

2.Plant a vegetable and herb garden – grow your own food; eat local

3. Win in a chess tournament

4. win in a badminton tournament

5. run with the dogs

6. eat nipa fruit – i would mind getting stain all over my clothes

7. sleep under the stars –

8. climb a mountain – this time, with enough provisions for food

9. dive – i can do another introductory drive

10. bike around metro manila

Added in facebook note on November 26, 2010

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Ten Things I Need to Do Before 2010 Ends

I have this list of 10 in my facebook note. Updates are added recently.

1.Finished reading the Old Testament – I am thankful for my ipod application which will help me succeed at this one

2.Finish the construction of the house in my hometown – I am thankful for my husband who is helping me all the way, for my brother who continues doing what he needs to do even it he does not understand it fully, to my mother who oversees everything and to hdmf for lending the needed funds – done

3.Start mutual fund with pami – done

4.Read another classic novel – I read a lot of classics during the year and wondered why I did not read them when I was in highschool or college – done

5.Buy and re-read the harry potter books as I forgot the story already and have mixed it up with the fan fiction – done

6.Buy gifts for family and friends – done

7.Lose weight at least 5 pounds – I am ever grateful to be just a few steps away from the gym – done. yippppeeee. I am 130lbs as of March 14, 2011

8.Send christmas cards to friends

9.Attend an MCLE class – done

10.Bake a cake or bread, something that I have not baked before – done

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Creating a habit of gratitude

Gratefulness makes you feel so light and a friend of eveybody around you. The habit of being grateful for all the blessings one gets everyday makes you feel loved… Much like the feeling of conquering the world. Each little thing that the day brought contributes to the growth of your being. When one is grateful, the universe will re-arrange the cosmic particles that what you need for a more fulfilled life will be carried to you gently such that there is nothing to complained of or crave for. That is such amazing. Thank you Lord for a grateful heart.

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Back to Blogging

I miss the days when I spent so much time blogging. A special project at work comes at an opportune time to get back to blogging. Seeing my thoughts in words. This really has a relaxing effect on me.

Blogging makes me think more, ponder, and realize what things are really important. Writing down my thoughts and reading it helps me make senses of the thoughts I have. It is a wondeful feeling to cross out a lot of those thoughts because they are negated by more important thoughts which conflict with the trivial matters which mostly occupied my consciousness. As they say, a lot of the stuff that went through our head are not really important nor deserve attention.

Hail to blogging.

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Creating Positive Vibes

Being happy is all about creating and nurturing a state of happiness, a state which starts with the mind and flows to the heart back to the mind. Our idea of success does not always guarantee a state of happiness. To be happy is to make yourself happy with what you have even if continuously contemplating with what you will have.

To be in state of happiness is to create and spread good vibes or energy. This is through cultivating happy and positive thoughts, spreading cheer, entertaining good views, and contagious optimism. The book The Secret does not contain the universal secret or undisclosed knowledge of the universe. In fact, it is a compilation of wisdom shared to us by parents, mentors, teachers, and friends. I would say that they are universal pieces of wisdom because they are something man universally is supposed to know already. The issue now is more on applying these pieces of wisdom with all the hustle and bustle in our life, which makes stopping and slowing down to think and reflect seems intricate.

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Counquering Kitchen Phobia

I am on the way to being a great cook.

During college and law school years, I was a kitchen-phobic, a person without confidence in cooking and preparing dishes. Before I started law school, I listed down a number of things I will do when I am done with law school and one of them is cooking. To survive law school and my day job, I cook just enough food to satiate my hunger, but often studying and sleeping on an empty stomach and more often with just bread for dinner. It was not until I have a full time boyfriend that I got real food most of the time for dinner because he would always cook and make sure there is some great food for dinner for the two of us.

Now, as a mother and done with law school, I am being true to my word. I am conquering my lack of confidence for cooking. I have prepared several dishes already and cooked severeal pasta dishes. In fact, I have tried a hand at baking. Lately, I baked chocolate cake which is really good and a successful for a first time baker like me. It is not a perfect chocolate cake and it does not even have frosting, but it is tasty and better than some commecially available cheap cakes.

For the coming weekend, I plan to bake carrot cake.