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Ten Things I Need to Do Before 2010 Ends

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I have this list of 10 in my facebook note. Updates are added recently.

1.Finished reading the Old Testament – I am thankful for my ipod application which will help me succeed at this one

2.Finish the construction of the house in my hometown – I am thankful for my husband who is helping me all the way, for my brother who continues doing what he needs to do even it he does not understand it fully, to my mother who oversees everything and to hdmf for lending the needed funds – done

3.Start mutual fund with pami – done

4.Read another classic novel – I read a lot of classics during the year and wondered why I did not read them when I was in highschool or college – done

5.Buy and re-read the harry potter books as I forgot the story already and have mixed it up with the fan fiction – done

6.Buy gifts for family and friends – done

7.Lose weight at least 5 pounds – I am ever grateful to be just a few steps away from the gym – done. yippppeeee. I am 130lbs as of March 14, 2011

8.Send christmas cards to friends

9.Attend an MCLE class – done

10.Bake a cake or bread, something that I have not baked before – done


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