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10 Things for my 2011 Journal


I need a journal for 2011 to keep a daily log of:

1. the things that give me joy and happiness
2. something I learned during the day
3. the person I meet/know/get re-connected with
4. verses of the bible that I read
5. birthday and other special days of family and friends
6. my spending
7. my eating
8. distance I walk or jog
9. nice things I say/hear/do
10.not-so-nice things I say/hear/do


Author: saxifrage

30 years old | wife | mother | internal auditor | lawyer

2 thoughts on “10 Things for my 2011 Journal

  1. I must say that you are right but try few more positive things

  2. thanks for the comment. I am limiting it to do-able stuff. Too many is overwhelming.

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