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Creating Positive Vibes

Being happy is all about creating and nurturing a state of happiness, a state which starts with the mind and flows to the heart back to the mind. Our idea of success does not always guarantee a state of happiness. To be happy is to make yourself happy with what you have even if continuously contemplating with what you will have.

To be in state of happiness is to create and spread good vibes or energy. This is through cultivating happy and positive thoughts, spreading cheer, entertaining good views, and contagious optimism. The book The Secret does not contain the universal secret or undisclosed knowledge of the universe. In fact, it is a compilation of wisdom shared to us by parents, mentors, teachers, and friends. I would say that they are universal pieces of wisdom because they are something man universally is supposed to know already. The issue now is more on applying these pieces of wisdom with all the hustle and bustle in our life, which makes stopping and slowing down to think and reflect seems intricate.