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Counquering Kitchen Phobia

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I am on the way to being a great cook.

During college and law school years, I was a kitchen-phobic, a person without confidence in cooking and preparing dishes. Before I started law school, I listed down a number of things I will do when I am done with law school and one of them is cooking. To survive law school and my day job, I cook just enough food to satiate my hunger, but often studying and sleeping on an empty stomach and more often with just bread for dinner. It was not until I have a full time boyfriend that I got real food most of the time for dinner because he would always cook and make sure there is some great food for dinner for the two of us.

Now, as a mother and done with law school, I am being true to my word. I am conquering my lack of confidence for cooking. I have prepared several dishes already and cooked severeal pasta dishes. In fact, I have tried a hand at baking. Lately, I baked chocolate cake which is really good and a successful for a first time baker like me. It is not a perfect chocolate cake and it does not even have frosting, but it is tasty and better than some commecially available cheap cakes.

For the coming weekend, I plan to bake carrot cake.


Author: saxifrage

30 years old | wife | mother | internal auditor | lawyer

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