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US SC Decision Good?

The United States Supreme Court said that it is unconstitutional for Child Rapists to be put to death for raping a child, somebody below 12 years old. The justices has the opinion that the penalty is not proportionate to the crime. Further, murder and crimes against the State warrants the imposition of the death penalty.

This decision is going back to the ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. Have the justices forgotten or failed to consider the gruesomeness of the crime of rape, or raping a child for that matter? Have they forgotten the sacredness of the human body, the ignominy and the wretched state of the child-rape victim?

I am not in favor of death penalty, but the reasoning of the justices left much to be said. It is inconsistent with how humanity viewed crimes against children. We are a civilized world and we take care of our children…those people who will bring the world to higher heights and will someday take care of us.


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Greed of the Shipping Lines

We Filipinos are not too dumb nor too blind as to forego the nightmare brought to our countrymen by the sheer imprudence of the management of Sulpicio Lines. At the wake of the typhoon, the ship sailed and its passengers met an untimely demise. The ship though met its long overdue abandonment by its owners. What do I mean?

That ship is not anymore seaworthy. Its owners should have abandoned that ship a long time ago and sold it as scrap metals to some junkshop too willing to buy it and salvage what can be recycled. That same ship stopped in the middle of its voyage because something gone wrong with its engine. Had the owner exercised enough prudence and shed off some of its greed, they should have decided a very long time ago to not anymore use the ship for voyage.

Now, the ship overturned and cause hundreds of lives. The ship could be easily turn upside down to recover the corpses of those passengers in their watery graves. However, the owners are too worried not to get their full insurance proceeds decided that they will abandoned the ship. How about the dead passengers? The management came up with the decision without thinking of the anguish the families of the dead passengers are going through right now. The families already know that their loved ones are dead and are already waiting for the dead bodies to be given to them so they can prepare for a decent wake and burial. This the management of Sulpicio Lines did not think of.  If I were the insurer appraiser, I would declare the ship as unseaworthy and refuse to pay any amount of indemnity to Sulpicio Lines. With the very old insured vessel, Sulpicio Lines did not lose anything, hence not worthy to be indemnified.  The fury of nature decided for Sulpicio Lines that it is time to retire the vessel. The sea has spoken…the vessel is not fit for voyage. If Sulpicio Lines will receive insurance proceeds, that is payment for their negligence and is against moral and reprehensible.