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Yaya from Hell

When I heard stories of yayas from hell, I cannot relate. Now, with an 11-month old baby and a lady who qualifies as yaya from hell, I now got my own sordid stories of a yaya from hell. She was not a yaya from hell, but my effort of making her comfortable at home, made her a disgusting yaya from hell. She got so comfortable with things between us becasue I do not treat her like a maid or paid help, whatever you call it. Now, she complains and complains about everything there is and even make demands of what she need or how things should be.  Before, the one thing that got me so irked is her constant blabber on how this one person is offering to her this much pay and that she likes to work for a higher pay to help  her family. Well, to put it bluntly, she is already being paid a much higher pay looking after the baby that what she truly deserves.

 This time, what really got me into a deep resolve to get rid of her is her lack of knowledge of things so basic. She had children of her own, and she should know, even without proper education, what a fever is. It is another thing telling my husband that the baby has fever, when in fact, the baby does not have fever. She saw me used the thermoscan on the baby, and she thought she could used it as well. Well, she could if only she know what the result means.

 The next day, I told her to use the mercury thermometer. She followed, but she broke the spare thermometer. (What could I expect! She breaks a lot of things at home–plates, glasses, hangers, basin, stove knobs, cups, and most recently, this thermometer. I should also say that she spills a lot of things. She ruins a lot of things, some can be mended which I sometimes told her to mend like putting back all the buttons to the curtains).

This evening, we came home with the baby still awake. After playing with the baby for awhile, I noticed the soiled diaper. I told the baby that we need to change her diaper, and yaya from hell immediately volunteered that she should do it. I ignored her and proceeded to change the diaper. I found out that the baby has rashes…not the mild one but rashes with a bit of blood on the skin already…real diaper rashes. I put on diaper rash ointment and decided not to say a thing and wait for her reaction. She did not say a word, but I can see the look on her face…was it guilt? surprise?

In the morning, I asked if the rashes are gone. She said yes and I told her that she should tell if the baby has rashes. She tried to defend herself by saying that she put on petroleum jelly. My goodness. She cannot follow simple instructions because she depend so much on what little antiquated knowledge she knows. Talk about ignorant and close-minded. I told her that the petroleum jelly is not medicine. My instructions to her is to put petroleum jelly on the diaper area at least once a day to prevent diaper rash. I know she has not been using the petroleum jelly for the longest time, because it is still full. Yesterday, when I opened the petroleum jelly container, I can still see my fingermarks from the weekend when I applied petroleum jelly.

What more, she used my slipper, and I was forced to give it to her so she stops using my other slipper. Then, I saw her used my towel to dry her hand and face, and I have to tell her to bring her own towel. She used my hair clamps and all of those hair clamps were ruined by her, and she cannot bring herself to throw it out. I saw her used my comb, and I have to tell her that the comb are personal and she should tell me what comb she likes to use and use that one only, and not all my combs that she can see in the house. This brought her to bring her own comb. Recently, I found out she used the shampoo. It is okay, but she put water in it. What will I do with shampoo and water combined? I told her before, months ago, not to put water on diswashing liquid because it makes the stuff less useful, to the extend that I threw away the entire solution of diswashing liquid and water in front of her. I did the same with the fabric conditioner because she put water on the bottle of newly opened fabric conditioner. I threw away the fabric conditioner and water solution in front of her. Recently, she admitted that shse has been using my bathsoap all the while. So, does she also use my toothbrush? I do not even like the idea of my husband using my bathsoap. Goodness. She is stupid, stupid, stupid. The problem is, my husband loves her and he thinks she is a saint. Well, husband can always live with her because I can live without a husband. I do not mind losing a husband who thinks that a stupid help is just what we need. Maybe, they are both stupid. Okay, they are both stupid and they can marry each other anytime, for all I care. Well, if husband thinks that she is saint, he should have made her his wife. They are both stupid and stupid people deserve each other.

As for me and the baby, we will survive and live peacefully without a stupid man.