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I am a believer that the hardest part of getting things done is starting them. The end of anything is also the product of the beginning. Starting requires some art and strong will. I have to conditioned my mind every night that I am going to get up, put on walking clothes and use my legs before I get muscle atrophy. Since getting pregnant and giving birth to aerlind, I gained a lot of pounds. I have been planning to shed off a lot of those extra pounds through brisk walking. In the past, brisk walking has proved to be very effective. I find it fun and relaxing and it gives me enough time to say the rosary.

This morning, I went out for a brisk walk, 3 rounds on the dalisay-times-bayanihan-benitez-dalisay rounte. I was also able to say the joyful and sorrowful mysteries, which reminds me that I still owe the Lady 10 rosary prayers. This morning walk is my third brisk walk this week. I hope I can keep this up and lose 5 pounds in two weeks.


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Busted Chance at Impeachment

So, Atty. Raul Pulido, lawyer of magdalo, filed an impeachment complaint against PGMA. The complaint was told to be unsubstantial to have the president impeached. Then, per impeachment rules, a congressman immediately endorsed it. When asked why, he answered that it is a perfect opportunity to have the president impeached. Congressman, your eagerness and overflowing excitement for the impeachment complaint reeks of bribery. How much were you paid to endorse it immediately?

 I can only surmise that there is a bargain between the sham impeachment complaint and the magdalo prosecution. I will not be suprised if the criminal case against the magdalo soldiers will be dismissed because Atty. Pulido gave the president a huge favor by barring the filing of a real and substantial impeachment complaint.

 The lawmakers should re-write the law on impeachment. Once an impeachment complaint is filed, the congress should give out a call for other complaints to be filed and consolidate the complaints to avoid a repetition of the first and second sham impeachmet complaints against the president. A lot of Filipinos want her impeached.

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Despairs of Dual Profession

Being a certified public accountant, certified internal auditor, and law graduate-underbar with experience in finance, accounting, and consulting can be a source of frustration in getting a job. I am actively looking for a job for the past 2 weeks already. I have logged on to to access job postings of many company and have sent my applications to audit, accounting, and law related positions. If  I apply for a finance or accounting related work, they tell me that I am a law graduate and should rather work in a law firm or apply for a law-related position. If I apply for a law-related position, they tell me that I am not a lawyer and should apply for accounting-related position.


What am I to do?

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Games on TV

The gameshows in the Philippines are having a comeback. ABS-CBN has been airing deal or no deal and game ka na ba? I like game ka na ba because the contestants use their brain to get a chance to win million bucks. Deal or no deal is pure luck and is even a boring game. I am only interested in knowing how much the contestant won and whether he got a higher amount than the other choice. If Kris Aquino is not hosting a show, I bet that deal or no deal will not get any viewers.

It is a good thing that GMA channel now has whammy push your luck on the same time slot as deal or no deal. People like me, which do not have cable tv at home, now have a choice. I find whammy exciting though I am looking forward to the time that non-showbiz personalities will play.