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Priesthood Crises

The Catholic Church said that its priests are undergoing crises due to its vow of celibacy. Some are turning to alcoholism. There are priests which have violated their vow of celibacy and have sexual transgressions against their parishioners.

This shows that it is high time that Vatican re-think its policy on celibacy of priests. Mankind is for procreation and the urge to procreate is part of being humans. God gives that ability of procreation to everybody. Why deny the exercise of that God-given ability and natural right to servants of the Church.

 The priests would be better off with having a family. They would experience firsthand family life, fatherhood, and being a husband. That way, they would be authoritative to preach the gospel on those matters. Also, the priesthood would attract more people if priests would have freedom to marry and establish a family of their own. The defense that denying them a family of their own and make them full time servants of God is getting weaker specially at this century.


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First Exam Day

I was assigned to a room in third floor of St. LaSalle Hall. The first seat assigned to me was 19,but I was supposed to be at seat 8. I transferred there minutes later when the real occupant of 19 arrived. How uncomfortable seat 8 is. Seat 9 remained vacant until a classmate from college arrived. She got seat 9, so we chatted a lot before the bar examinations started.

First question is true or false. It was a trick question, and I got tricked. I said true. The second question is manageable. There were questions on comform women and freedom of expression. I remembered that night before, I sleep on T-shirt owned by Jimmy printed with International Tribunal of Tokyo. That’s the t-shirt Jimmy got when he went to Japan to accompany the comfort women when they claime for compensation from the Japanese Government. I never bothered to check the legal issue on the comfort women, though I have two books about them.

I finished an hour ealier. My seatmate-friend finished earliest in the room. I got out to eat and study for the afternoon exam. My throat was killing me so I decided to go out to get lozenges and request for more food. Somebody bought lozenges, water, and hotdog sandwich for me. In the afternoon, the exam is quiet long-20 questions, some questions with subquestions. I found myself sneezing the entire 3 hours.

The first question is on principle of codetermination. Nothing came to my head. I skipped it and proceeded to answer the other questions. I cannot remember reading anything about the other questions. I just answered them based on what I know from being a law intern of the Office of Legal Aid. The experience in OLA was helpful. My friend told me he answered a lot of questions based on OLA experiences. Some of my answers are invented. How inventive one could get. I just decided to write what legal principle I believe is logical.

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Friends are asking: How was the first day of four Sundays of the Bar Examinations?

It was a contradictory feeling of relief that the first two subjects were over, and wishful thinking that a little more time for review and I would have done better.

After months of trying to stay awake to review, I found myself struggling to sleep night before the exam. I arrived at Sheraton Hotel a little past time, just in time to attend the premeditated mass for the barristers. I was not in panic yet, but when I checked-in my hotel room and found found myself alone in an unfamiliar place, I panicked. I was supposed to stay with another barrister, but a week before, she informed me that she will not push through with the examinations.  So there I was, having the room to myself.

I called fiends just to keep my nerves under control. Friends always tell you some assuring thoughts that everything would just turn out fine. I requested dinner from the bar operations. A friend came with dinner. We talked about anything but the bar examinations. Later, two more friends arrived, the other one bringing the bar tips. I was chatting merrily for 2 hours. When they left, I told myself that it is bedtime.

I could not sleep. It was 2300H and I could not sleep. Jimmy called and asked if he could sleep at the hotel. He just came from Bulacan to do a wedding shoot. He came past midnight. I was thankful for his presence but got envious that he immediately fall asleep while I tossed around in my bed. He would wake up just to tell me to get some sleep. I managed to close my eyes, but I swear, I heard everything that went out outside the room. I heard people slipping tips under the door. At 0400H, I decided to get out of bed and study the tips that were slipped earlier under the door. All the lights in the room are yellow, so I have to study near the bathroom because the lights there are good.

That night, I realized that tips are supposed to make you confident. There is nothing new in the tips. Those are the things I have read already. Those tips are helpful as a reminder and as a means to tell me that I did not miss anything important.