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Garci Scandal…PERIOD

I agree with the stance of the Senate Committee to re-open and investigate the Garci scandal. The people have a substantial interest to know what really happened during the presidential elections. If there were election offenses, let it be put to light and have them answer for the the transgressions. The Garci scandal has put to mockery the most valued right of democracy…the right to vote.  Once and for all, tell the Filipino people the truth behind the scandal and put an end to the never ending questions.

The Garci scandal tells the Filipino people that an election offense was committed. However, those in authorities are protecting the perpetrators of the shameful Garci scandal. Why can’t the government do something to prosecute those involved in the Garci scandal? That would include the President de facto…and most probably, never de jure.


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Who killed Ninoy?

Can it fairly and factually be said that Danding Cojuangco killed Ninoy and the r, Cojuangco family did their best to hide this ugly thing from the country? There are so many questions sorrounding his death and it could qualify as the most mysterious death in the Philippines. Witnesses abound and investigations were made. Some poeple are jailed for supposedly killing Ninoy. However, the Filipino people is not convinced that justice is served to Ninoy.

My observation is that people who are more knowledgable on the circumstances sorrounding the killing will not even lift a finger to point out who is responsible for Ninoy’s death. These same people created uproar, released statements, and did sort of things to confuse and hide the truth.

Whoever masterminded his killing had it planned out so well. It was planned like a novel that only the best detective can ever solve. This is not like your Nancy Drew, Hardy
Boys, or Bobsey Twins detective story.

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Reading Other Subject Matter

While reviewing for the bar examinations, I just cannot help but get tired of reading the subject matters covered by the bar examination. Whenever I get tired, I get a break and read something else. Today, I read Time online articles, emails of friends, and blogs.

 I hope this does not have a negative impact on my review. I really want to pass the examinations on the first take.

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Studying for the Bar Exams

How would one study for the bar exams? Atty. Lat published a book on this matter. The suggestions in the book are helpful but not applicable to some people, including me.

 I am studying for the bar exams not knowing where and how to start. I read 2005 handouts from the UP Law Center, courtesy of a friend who is now a lawyer. I read them just to orient myself that I am studying for the bar exams. Afterwards, I read the Constitution and the book of Father Bernas. When I attended review classes, that is when I really started reviewing. It was not until July that I was able to get a regular schedule for reading review materials.

A lot of review materials came out including that of UP and San Beda. I read some UP reviewer and then started reading the San Beda notes starting mid-August. Right now, I am telling myself to start the pre-week review for Political Law and Labor Law. It is 9 days to the bar exams but I am still confused and so unsure.