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Palaban Show

The show Palaban of GMA is one of those shows that is worth watching if you are an owl. I watched the last episode where they tackled the Gretchen Barretto-John Estrada photograph while kissing. My verdict is “how much was given to the show as to exculpate Gretchen of the apparent wrong she has done to her partner and daughter?”

Social norms dictate that you should not kiss another guy while you are in a serious relationship, even if that man is not your husband. She was caught kissing John. It was not a smooch, as tv hosts said. In Palaban, the hosts sounded like blaming the public for the big talk that is going on about John and Gretchen having a relationship. One host even said that Gretchen’s look in the picture is as if “she was never there”. I take it to mean that Gretchen is intoxicated and does not know what she is doing, or the alcohol has affected her thoughts that got so brazen enough to kiss John. I am so disappointed with Palaban. I had high regard to the hosts, but now, I wonder if what they communicated to the public through the show is paid or their own opinion of genuine public issues.

Nababayaran din pala si Mareng Winnie and the other lady hosts just to influence what the public think. There is nothing inherently wrong with influencing the public through a tv show, but if you are paid to communicate an idea to the public and to present such idea as your own, that is wrong. The public watched Palaban because the public believe in the hosts.


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Things to Invent

Certainly, moms, like me, all want to know what the cries of their babies mean. If a device to interpret the various cries of babies would be invented, it would sure make the lives of moms easier by responding to the needs of babies better.

 Such device should take into consideration that babies have different cries and different needs. It should be portable and easy to use. Also, it should be flexible such that babies of different ages and temperament would be accommodated.

 Until such a device is invented and made commercially available, moms would continue on responding to baby cries by trial and error-giving milk, checking the diaper and/or clothes, holding the baby, giving pacifier, giving water, or just bringing the baby outside as he/she might just be bored.

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The Failures of Agrarian Reform

On the occasion of the 19th year of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines, 2 farmers died and several others injured as they sought possession of the land awarded to them under by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). Last March 2007, these farmers spent 30 days of hunger strike just to get possession of the land before these farmers in the hacienda were installed by DAR people. I was there, 3 days before I gave birth, tagging behind my husband who is a staunch supporter of agrarian reform. Everybody in the makeshift tent outside DAR were happy for the farmers. They compared the plight of the Velez-Malaga farmers with the plight of the Sumilao farmers. They said that Malaga farmers were able to get what the Sumilao farmers bitterly lost.

Last Sunday, I found out that the installation of the farmers was a sham. For DAR officials to make the farmers believe, the supporters of the farmers, and the Filipino people, that they have given to the farmers the right to land, is an act of unequal impudence. So, when the farmers entered the land to install themselves as CARP beneficiary, blood flow.

For the Malaga farmers, it is a case of DAR granting to themtheir rights in paper, but DAR not enforcing its own order so that the farmers can exercise the right. Everything has been done save one act for the farmers to exercise their right of ownership over the land. The problem here is administration of the law and enforcement of orders. In enforcement, family relationship matters. It was said that Iggy Arroyo and the Cuenca’s has a common grandson. This is family relationship could be a probable reason for nonenforcement.

 The Sumilao farmers, I would say, were victims of mere interpretation of  2 words in the constitution-resolution and decision. The Supreme Court could have interpreted those words in a manner that will give justice to the farmers.

My grandparents are also victim of agrarian reform law. An occupant in a contract for a lease of a piece of land was able to get a certificate from the government entitling him to a piece of residential lot owned by my grandparents. The case has dragged on for more than 30  years and still unresolved. The occupant had a relative in DAR who occupied a high position.

 The Hacienda Luisita case is different. The farmers got shares of stock in lieu of land ownership. The provision in agrarian reformlaw for farmers to get shares of stock instead of land ownership is contrary to the intent of agrarian reform of giving land to till to the farmers.

Agrarian Reform fails because the law itself has provisions which contradict the spirit of genuine agrarian reform, family ties were used to be declared as beneficiary to the prejudice of small landowners, officials tasked with enforcement are not doing their job, and violence from landowners to farmers.

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Nuisance on EDSA

What would you say of a country whose highway, traversing several cities in the metropolitan area, is lined with billboards of whatever commodity you can think of? There are billboards which show a lot of skin and poses danger to a lot of male drivers who cannot help but ogle at them. Some billboards, though not showing skin, are plain eyesores.

I’d say that these billboards are nuisance.They deprecate the public thoroughfares by making it look like a place with garbage hanged everywhere. If I were a guy and I collided with another vehicle while driving EDSA, I would put the blame on a billboard of a woman showing everything except the most private parts. I would say that I should be absolved of any liability because the accident is attributable to the billboard for being an attractive nuisance.

I was particularly excited when last February, the tarpaulin have black paints on them. Long live the person who have the nerve to do it. Recently, MMDA chairman admitted that the agency is responsible for only one wet rag incident. (I think BF admitted it because he is left with no choice. His people were caught in flagrante delicto. I believe MMDA is behind all those wet rag incidents.)