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Statistical Improbability


The mid-term election period in the Philippines is about to end. However, no senators has been proclaimed. During the canvassing, certificates of canvass from Maguindanao province, a province in the south inhabited mostly by Muslims, showed that all the senatorial candidates of the administration party garnered all the votes, while those in the opposition party got none. The chairman of the commission on elections (comelec) said that this is statistically improbable. It really is!

Election fraud is all too evident already. All that the comelec can say is that they will investigate this. Comelec has quasi-judicial powers and what they can do is merely to investigate. This really shows that the commission has condoned or tolerated the election fraud happening in the country.

 It is all too clear that the supposedly elected officials in Maguindanao are there because of cheating. The election was a sham. Why not place the entire province for the department of interior and local government to supervise. Do away with the elected offices. The more radical way is for the legislature to dissolve the province and the local government units in it, and apportion it to the adjacent provinces.


Author: saxifrage

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2 thoughts on “Statistical Improbability

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  2. I guess election frauds are everywhere including the U.S. Clean elections are a rarity nowadays.
    Today, Ron Paul, the Republican candidate is being targeted for destruction in the U.S. just because he says that all American troops should withdraw and come back home.

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